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"The only constant in business is change"

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DistribuTek Planning:

It has been said that the only constant in business is change. In a world of change there are winners and losers. There are those who are on top of industry change and make it work for them, and there are those who do not. At DistribuTek, our job is to keep you on top. By analyzing your company’s past, present and future needs, DistribuTek can help you to recognize when, where, and how change should occur in your operation. With this knowledge in your grasp, you can take advantage of change instead of it taking advantage of you. Instead of losing productivity, you can gain the competitive advantage and increase your profits. Sometimes those inside a company are “too close” to look at strengths and weaknesses with fresh, objective eyes. As an objective external resource, DistribuTek can find correctable flaws and underutilized strengths that may be overlooked from the “inside” point of view.

DistribuTek can help you to identify, quantify and understand objectives that are unique to your operation.

     Partial Planning Services List     

Material Flow Analysis

Operations Planning

Order Fulfillment Analysis

Information Flow Analysis

Relocation Assistance Services

Picking Strategies

Food Safety / HACCP Planning

Lot Tracking and Tracability


WMS Functionality Req.

Code Compliance

Egress Mapping

NFPA Storage Compliance

Business Process Mapping


Labor Planning

Feasibility Planning

Relocate, Reengineer, Outsource

Facility Size Requirements

ROI Analysis

Relocation Planning

Budget Projections

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