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"At DistribuTek, Data Drives The Design"

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At DistribuTek, good design comes from good planning. As we work through the analysis and data gathering of the Planning phase, design concepts will emerge. At DistribuT Partial Design Services ek, the data drives the design. There are no easy, cookie cutter solutions at DistribuTek. We dont promote the latest hot fad or attempt to mold you into what worked for someone else. Every DistribuTek project begins with a clean piece of white paper. In the planning phase, we begin filling in what we learn about your business. We bring to the table our expertise in manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and other disciplines. Then, in the design phase, we synthesize what we have learned into a new, more efficient approach to the challenges that you face. Design begins to take form in concepts and ideas based upon your goals. DistribuTek will design a conceptual layout showing the flow of material and information through your facility. Once these conceptual ideas are discussed with you, they will be fine tuned based upon your input. Modifications may be made according to your space and budget allowances. A key word at DistribuTek is alternatives. We determine the alternatives available to you, then help you to choose the right alternatives based on: 

  • Available resources

  • A full understanding of each option

  • Ability to accept the change

Once you are in agreement with DistribuTek about a concept, more detailed and scaled AutoCAD drawings of your facility are drafted. DistribuTeks team of experienced drafters create images always remembering that it is your facility we are designing. Changes are discussed with you and drawings are available to you all along the way.
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CAD Design

Slotting Recommendations

Space Optimization

Material Flow Design

Facility Design

Materials Handling Systems

Material Storage Systems

Staffing Recommendations

Tracking Recommendations

Inventory Control

Data Accumulation Points

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