The Seven Step to Success

"7 Proven Steps To A Successful Project"

The Seven Step Process

At DistribuTek, we call our process the Seven Steps to Success. Each of these seven steps is really a subtask under our primary methodology of Plan, Design, and Implement.

Partial Planning Services Identify Your Business Objectives

Step 1:

Identify Your Business Objectives

DistribuTek will work very closely with you to identify your needs and your objectives. We want to understand the challenges from your point of view. Only then can we tailor solutions to your unique business needs.
Measure and Analyze current Capabilities and Processes<


Measure and Analyze current Capabilities and Processes

DistribuTek understands that charting a course for the future requires an understanding of your current operations and capabilities. We monitor and analyze all aspects of your present business operations with an in-depth focus on current costs, methodology, internal resources, customer expectations, and information infrastructure.
Identify Savings Pools

Step 3:

Identify Savings Pools

DistribuTek will identify areas where your operation may be improved. We will recommend changes in methodology and/or equipment offering rapid payback on their upgrade cost. We remember that you are in business to generate a profit. Therefore, DistribuTek believes that the only feasible solution is one that can be cost justified.
 Partial Design Services Develop Alternative Solutions

Step 4:

Develop Alternative Solutions

By using computer aided design (CAD) layouts, DistribuTek shows you in black and white that our solutions will workboth operationally and financially. Our solutions are based on advanced principles of process segmentation, space utilization, ergonomics, efficiency, and product flow integrated with the latest computer technology; all based on cost justification.
Prepare a Complete Plan of Action

Step 5:

Prepare a Complete Plan of Action

DistribuTek will develop a comprehensive solution for your company including recommendations, design criteria, flow patterns, CAD layouts, equipment specifications and budgets needed to achieve the desired results ensuring continuing customer service during this period.
Project Management Services Implementation and Installation

Step 6:

Implementation and Installation

DistribuTek not only provides cost effective solutions, but full implementation assistance as well! DistribuTek can provide you with full implementation, project management, and systems training.
Post Implementation Support

Step 7:

Post Implementation Support

DistribuTek wants you to receive the full benefit of your investment. For this reason, we offer continuous post implementation support including periodic system reviews and technological updates. Our Client Commitment policy ensures that we continue to provide you with a value-added resource.
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