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Mobile Shelving

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Bin shelving, modular storage cabinets, and flow racks can all be "mobilized". The most popular method of mobilization is the "train-track" method. Parallel tracks are cut into the floor, and wheels are placed on the bottom of the storage equipment to create a moving storage system. The space savings accrue from the fact that only one aisle is needed between all the rows of storage equipment. The aisle is created by separating two adjacent rows of equipment. As a result, the aisle "floats" in the configuration between adjacent rows of equipment. The storage equipment is moved by simply sliding the equipment along the tracks , by turning a crank located at the end of each storage row, or by invoking electric motors which may provide the motive power. The disadvantage to this approach is the increased time required to access the items. Every time an item must be accessed, the corresponding storage aisle must be created.
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