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Modular Drawers

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Modular storage drawers are considered modular because each cabinet houses drawers which are subdivided into separate compartments, or modules. Drawer heights range from 3 in. to 24 in., and each drawer may hold up to 400 lbs. of material. Larger and higher capacity drawers are available, but are not common for most applications. The storage cabinets can be thought of as shelving units which house multiple sliding

The primary advantage of storage drawers/cabinets over bin shelving is the large number of SKU’s which can be stored and presented to the order picker in a small area. One drawer can hold from 1 to 100 SKU’s (depending on the size, shape, and inventory levels of the items). Typically, a storage cabinet can hold the equivalent of 2 to 4 shelving units worth of material. This dense storage stems primarily from the ability to create item housing configurations within a drawer which very closely match the cubic storage requirements of each SKU. Also, since the drawers are pulled out into the aisle for picking, space does not have to be provided above each SKU to provide room for the order picker’s hand and forearm.

Several benefits accrue from the high density storage characteristics of storage drawer systems. First, and obviously, the more material that can be packed into a smaller area, the smaller the space requirement. A second benefit resulting from the use of such high density storage units, is a reduction in the travel time and hence labor requirements for order picking.

Additional benefits achieved by the use of storage drawers include improved picking accuracy, and protection for the items from the environment. Picking accuracy is improved over that in shelving units because the order picker’s sight lines to the items are improved, and the quantity of light falling on the items to be extracted is increased. Item security and protection are achieved since the drawers can be closed and locked when items are not being extracted from them. As one would expect, these benefits are not for . Storage cabinets equipped with drawers are relatively expensive. Price is primarily a function of the number of drawers and the amount of sheet metal in the cabinet.
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