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Carton Flow Rack

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Carton flow rack, or just flow rack, is another popular case storage alternative. Flow rack is typically used for active items which are stored in fairly uniform sized and shaped cartons. The cartons are placed in the back of the rack from the replenishment aisle, and roll towards the pick face as cartons are depleted from the front. This back to front movement insures first-in-first-out (FIFO) turnover

Essentially, a section of flow rack is a bin shelving unit turned perpendicular to the picking aisle with rollers placed on the shelves. The deeper the sections, the greater the portion of warehouse space that will be devoted to storage as opposed to aisle space. Further gains in space efficiency can be achieved by making use of the cubic space over the flow rack for full pallet storage. The fact that just one carton of each line item is located on the pick face means that a large number of products are presented to the picker over a small area. Hence, walking and therefore labor requirements can be reduced with an efficient layout.

Flow rack costs depend on the length and weight capacity of the racks. As is the case with bin shelving, flow rack has very low maintenance requirements, and is available in a wide variety of standard section and lane sizes from a number of suppliers.
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