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Bin Shelving

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Bin shelving is the oldest and still the most popular equipment alternative in use for small parts order picking. The low initial cost, easy re-configurability, easy installation, and low maintenance requirements are at the heart of this popularity. With bin shelving, however, savings in initial cost and maintenance may be offset by inflated space and labor requirements.

Space is frequently underutilized in bin shelving, since the full inside dimensions of each unit are rarely usable. Also, since people are extracting the items, the height of shelving units is limited by the reaching height of a human being. As a result, the available building cube may also be underutilized. Two additional disadvantages of bin shelving are supervisory problems and item security/protection problems. Supervisory problems arise because it is difficult to supervise people through a maze of bin shelving units. Security and item protection problems arise because bin shelving is one of a class of open systems (ie: the items are exposed to and accessible from the picking aisle).

As with all of the equipment types, these disadvantages must be evaluated and compared with the advantages of low initial cost and low maintenance requirements in order to make an appropriate equipment selection.
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