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Push-Back Racking

DistribuTek Leaning Center

With a rail-guided carrier provided for each pallet load, push back rack provides last-in-first-out deep lane storage. It gets its name from the manner in which it operates, where loads are placed on telescoping carts on inclined rails, which are then pushed back into the rack with subsequent lDistribuTek Leaning Centeroads. Push back rack uses a common entrance and exit (the forklift loads and recovers from the same position), requiring only one aisle for proper operation. Each storage lane has its own set of carts, so they operate independently, increasing the selectivity of push back as opposed to a drive-in system of the same depth. Depending upon the depth of the push back lane, measured in pallet positions, there are a number of carts riding a pair of rails, one pair of rails per lane. Since the last load inserted rests on the cart rails as noted below, the number of carts is the number of positions deep minus one. The first load inserted is placed upon the top cart of the telescoped group. When the next load is inserted, the lift truck driver pushes the top cart and its load back to expose the next cart, upon which the second load is set. This sequence is repeated until, when the loads are all pushed back, only the set of rails upon which the carts ride is exposed. The last load is placed directly upon the rails. Unloading is done in reverse order, and because the loads are to flow toward the front of the lane, the lift truck driver must control the removal speed to keep subsequent loads from -flowing to the front of the system. The increase in selectivity and the potential for higher system utilization in comparison to drive-in makes push back a logical choice for most operations, especially for those requiring high throughput. Complexity and user needs normally limit push back to 2-5 positions deep.
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