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Pallet Flow Racking

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Pallet flow racks is used to convey loads on wheels, rollers, or air cushions from one end of a storage lane to the other. Each lane has inclined rails, but these rails have wheels mounted within them as opposed to supporting discrete carts as in push back. This allows pallet loDistribuTek Leaning Centerads to be inserted into one end and retrieved from the other. It is a first-in/first-out system, and depending on individual SKU movement, may be more suited for items with a shorter shelf life. The main purpose of the flow rack is to simultaneously provide high throughput and storage density. Hence, it is used for those items with high inventory turnover. Pallet Flow Rack uses separate entrances and exits, requiring two aisle's for use, the forklift loads on one side and off-loads from the other side, thus rotating your stock. As a load is removed from the front of a storage lane, the next load advances to the pick face. Flow speed is controlled by speed retarders as well as proper front to rear beam placement to create slope that allows the lightest loads to just creep down the lane while the heaviest will move at a manageable speed. Loads are generally brought to a smooth halt through the use of ramp stops, which provide inexpensive and effective braking action. Many live pallet storage systems are six or more pallet positions deep and require high reliability as a result. If product flow were to be impeded by a bad pallet, for example, it would be necessary to either enter the rack to retrieve the load or to somehow it using a more original method.
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