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Double-Deep Pallet Racking

DistribuTek Leaning Center

Double-Deep racking systems are comprised of two selective racks placed one behind the other. Depth of storage is two pallets, and a deep reach truck is neede DistribuTek Leaning Centerd to handle a pallet in the rear slot. Four pallets, two on each side, are accessible from the same aisle. It is desirable to store the same item in both the front and rear slot to avoid double handling. Different storage levels, however, can contain different items. This rack design is ideal if you have product which you need separated for individual and immediate picking. Loads do not need to be stackable, and may be of varying heights and widths. In instances where the load depth is highly variable, it may be necessary to provide load supports or decking. An advantage to double-deep over traditional selective racking is the increased storage density that is obtained without a large increase in cost. However the lower cost of the racking system as compared to other denser storage modules such as Pushback and Pallet Flow, may be offset by the need for a deep-reach lift truck. Speed of retrieval and put-away functions are often made less desirable with a double-deep system due to the slower reach mechanism on the deep=reach equipment.
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