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Cantilever Racking

DistribuTek Leaning Center

This type of rack is the most efficient and affordable way to store lumber, engineered wood DistribuTek Leaning Centerproducts, re-bar, metal roofing, pipe, or other long bulky materials. The load bearing arms of a cantilever rack are supported at one end, as the name implies. The racks consist of a row of single upright columns, spaced several feet apart, with arms extending from one or both sides of the uprights to form supports for storage. The advantage of cantilever racks is that they provide long unobstructed storage shelves with no uprights to restrict the use of horizontal space. The arms can be covered with decking of wood or metal, or can be used without decking. They are applicable for long items such as sofas, rugs, rod, bar, pipe, and sheets of metal or wood. Structural steel I-beam cantilever rack is a multi-level, high density storage system designed to handle long length materials.
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