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Turret Trucks

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Turret Trucks represent the current state of the art in the very narrow a DistribuTek Leaning Centerisle concept of materials handling. Turret trucks operate in the narrowest of aisles (as narrow as 58 inches when provided with guidance options), and in some models are capable of rotating loads 180 degrees to store or retrieve from either side of the aisle. There are two main classes of turret trucks, man-up and man-down. In man-up models, the operator actually rises with the forks for easier product access, whereas the operator remains grounded in the man-up style truck. Although all turret trucks have the capability to handle a variety of load sizes in a number of rack types, and the ability to travel and maneuver efficiently outside the working aisle, they are most efficient when used as part of a well planned materials handling environment utilizing constant aisle, rack and pallet dimensions. Highest throughput levels are achieved when the vehicles are guided and dedicated to the working aisles, with other types of vehicles and equipment serving as load transporters. A wide range of trucks (operator-up, operator-down), mast assemblies, and load handling devices are available in the turret truck.
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