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Straddle Stackers

DistribuTek Leaning Center

Straddle StackersDistribuTek Leaning Center - Straddle Stackers are the first generation of the narrow aisle trucks, and can operate in aisles as narrow as six feet. The truck has outriggers that must straddle the load before it can be handled. This condition requires that any load sitting on the floor must have a clearance of six to eight inches on either side before it can be handled by a straddle truck. Straddle trucks are used in applications and markets where a standard pallet size and rack type is used, and where there is enough room for the truck to straddle the load. The straddle trucks have no reach mechanism, therefore offering less versatility then the traditional reach trucks, but cost less and have fewer moving parts to maintain then reach trucks. They speed up the retrieval and storing process since there is no time delay in retracting the reach mechanisms. This truck is operated in the standing position.
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