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Reach Trucks

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DistribuTek Leaning CenterReach Trucks are widely used for pallet handling, and can operate in aisles as narrow as 7 feet and while lifting loads to a height of over 40 feet. The standard reach mechanism allows forks to extend and store a pallet into a single deep rack. The reach truck uses a highly efficient pantograph, designed to extend the load and forks in front of the baselegs to store and retrieve pallet loads. The scissor mechanism allows for dramatically improved storage density of at least 50% by minimizing the aisle width inside an existing facility presently using a counterbalanced lift truck. The driver operates the truck in a standing position, and this truck is available in electric models only. It is not as versatile as a counterbalanced truck and is not recommended for dock operations because of the small wheels on the outriggers. Reach trucks are best utilized in narrow aisle operations for right angle storing and retrieving.
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