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Deep-Reach Trucks

DistribuTek Leaning Center

Deep-Reach Trucks have a reach mechanism that can extend to a depth of two pallets. It is the only truck that can store or retrieve pallet loDistribuTek Leaning Centerads in a double deep rack storage system. It can also lift loads to 25 feet and requires nine to ten foot wide aisles for fast and comfortable operation. Deep reach trucks utilize an extended pantograph mechanism to store and reach pallets two-deep, resulting in a 90% improvement in storage space utilization versus a facility using counterbalanced trucks. The scissor mechanism allows for dramatically improved storage density by minimizing aisle width and/or eliminating two out of every five aisles by storing double deep inside an existing facility. The deep reach truck is well suited for storing and retrieving high volume products with a long shelf life, or where increased density is the objective for a lower cost of operation such as zer applications. Other operating characteristics are similar to the narrow aisle reach truck.
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