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Live-Roll Conveyor

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These systems are useful for transporting heavy unit loads, and items with sharp corners and irregular shapes. They should also be considered when a substantial amount of side feeding and discharging will be required. Other applications for which the live-roll conveyors are well suited include:

Accumulating: Loads must be stopped and accumulated while the conveyor continues to operate.

Dwelling: Loads must be stopped at a particular point on the conveyor so that work can be performed on it. When the work is completed, the load moves ahead to the next powered section.

Diverting: Loads must be automatically transferred on or off the conveyor by deflecting arms. A live-roll conveyor can operate horizontally and up slopes of no more then 7 degrees. It requires low horsepower drive, and can handle many kinds of products. A conveyor could be powered by many separate motors driving each roller, however, this type of drive is never used on light or medium duty live-roll conveyors. Instead, one of the following drive methods is used:

  • Flat Belt
  • Continuous Chain
  • V-Belt
  • Roll-to-Roll Chain
  • Line Shaft

Each drive method provides advantages in particular situations depending upon the characteristics of the load, speed, and the conveying path.

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