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About DistribuTek - Project Management Consulting Firm

DistribuTek is an industrial engineering and management consulting firm with special expertise in:

Process optimization

Productivity Improvement

Technology Integration

Implementation Strategies

Operational Cost Reduction

Project management

If you have a manufacturing or food processing facility, a warehouse, or order fulfillment/distribution center, our proven track record says we can help save you money. We work with you to develop fresh and innovative ideas using a “real world” pragmatic approach combining knowledge of your business, observation of your current techniques, and analysis of how to achieve your goals. Why continue to do things the old way when you can increase profits by finding a new and better way? We help you to find the better way that is right for you through innovative, state-of-the-art process improvement. Your costs go down when you increase productivity. We help you to discover new and innovative opportunities you may not find on your own. We help you to embrace the culture of change by showing you how proven techniques can raise your operation to new heights of efficiency and profitability. You are always in control.

Based upon our analysis we will present alternatives tailored to your individual needs. Then, you decide which ideas are best for you. We also stand ready to help you with the next step: to implement the improvements which you have embraced. Our ideas will be based upon:

Cost Justification

it has to make money for you


direct, straightforward, to the point


be ready for the next changes to come


remain profitable and efficient as volumes increase or decrease


your plan must work in the real world, not just on paper

Everything we do is based on our dependable three step process: 

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